9 Feb 2015

Book Charms

Not long ago I found two DIY videos on youtube that show how to make book charms step by step.

I had to try it of course. Let me show you the ones I made:

I think they turned out very well and they were very easy to make. You don't have to have any special skills to be able to create one of these. I'll leave the videos that helped me here, watch them and see that the tutorials are not complicated at all.

Obviously these videos are not mine, some really nice people filmed them to help out other bookworms.

My Outlander charm looks like the Harry Potter books in the second video, all the other charms I made by the instructions in the first video.

I hope you'll have fun making these (if you decide to give them a try) and if you do make charms please let me know, I'd like to see them (send me a pic of them or something).

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