10 Feb 2016

Book Tour - New York Night by Stephen Leather

Title: New York Night (Jack Nightingale #6)

Author: Stephen Leather

Rating: 3/5 stars

Teenagers are being possessed and turning into sadistic murderers. Priests can’t help, nor can psychiatrists. So who is behind the demonic possessions? Jack Nightingale is called in to investigate, and finds his own soul is on the line.

My thoughts:

Detective stories mostly bore me these days; I have read quite a lot of Agatha Christie and Conan Doyle when I was a teen and there was a point when I felt the crime genre cannot show me anything that would grip my attention anymore. With New York Night I was in luck, because this book is not simply a detective novel, but also a paranormal piece of writing.

I liked the relationship between our protagonist, Nightingale, and Perez, the policewoman who was helping him. I was very glad they didn’t get entangled with each other, I think the book was better for the lack of romance.

The story would make a good episode of a paranormal show on American TV, it had the structure and feel of a Supernatural episode. The investigation process the reader is led through in the book was mostly built up with care, although there were some connections that must have been obvious to Nightingale and Perez way before they discovered them. All in all however, those who enjoy novels that revolve around an investigation would like New York Night.

The book is part of a series, therefore there were some conversations that suggested continuity,
but it absolutely works as a standalone too.

(Beware, reader, New York Night is extremely violent in places due to certain paranormal creatures going on a rampage in the city. If you are squeamish, avoid this book, because I’m certainly not, and even I was shocked at times.)

On the whole, New York Night deserves three stars from me.



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