28 Aug 2016

Review - Doctor Who: A Matter of Life and Death

Title: Doctor Who: A Matter of Life and Death (The Eight Doctor Volume 1)

Author/Illustrator: George Mann, Emma Vieceli, Hi-Fi

Rating: 5/5 stars


Eerie Victorian magic shows, living paintings, mysterious lost books, crystalline life-forms, space-barges crammed with the undead... Embrace all the Gothic Romance and interstellar terror of the Eighth Doctor in this new series starring the most-requested past incarnation!


My Thoughts:

I’m totally hooked! The art is amazing, the colouring is beautiful and the new companion is absolutely lovely!

A Matter of Life and Death features the Eighth Doctor who sweeps through time and space in a giddy fashion – as usual – craving a cup of tea all the while – as usual – leaving the work of saving worlds to others – as… wait, what??

Yes, quite surprisingly, the Doctor mostly leans back in this one and watches as Josie, a blue-haired Welsh painter girl, takes on his role and thus proves she is worthy to become a regular companion.

We follow them through six loosely connected stories that involve singing crystals, murderous plants, evil reflections and many more fascinating wrong-doers. I believe the writers found a perfect way to introduce a new companion and I didn’t mind at all that the Doctor was only present as a helper/mentor figure.

I liked that there were a lot of emotions floating around, especially towards the end and it was good to see how the Doctor’s philosophy ‘everyone counts’ got addressed in the final chapter.

If the next installments will be as good as this one was, in the end I might end up owning a complete comic book series…
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