25 Dec 2018

Christmas is here!


I hope you are all home and spending the holidays in the company of family and good books!

I wish you all the best in the world; love and peace and prosperity!

I'd like you to know guys that it means the world to me that you accompany me on my bookish journey and visit this blog regularly! 

You are the best, you truly are and I feel blessed for having you around!

Here's my Christmas read this year:

A Muder of Crows
The Ravenscourt Tragedies #1
by Annie Kirke


A dead father.

A missing Spirit.

An ancient manor with way too many locked doors.

But Abigail Crowe won't let locked doors, corsets, or the straight-laced rules of Victorian society get in the way of finding the truth behind her father's death. Of course, where illegal magic is involved, things are rarely as simple as they appear. Screams in the night, an insane gardener, and a murder blamed on her late father are only the beginning. Could her father actually be a murderer? What is Uncle Edward hiding in the attic? And perhaps most importantly—which family secrets are worth keeping locked up?

What are you reading under the tree? 

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