18 Jul 2018

Ten Books I'd Pack for a Desert Island

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Katherine from I Wish I Lived in a Library gave me the idea to write a post like this at last. 

I don't think any bookworm would find this question easy. I'm also sure this list changes for everyone with time. The choices depend on what period of our lives we are living when the question is asked.

I'd probably choose 5 books I've read and loved and 5 from my to-read list, just to have the excitement of discovery when all hope seems to be lost (I don't even know if I'd be able to survive on a desert island alone, haha...)

The ones I've read already:

of William Shakespeare

Is it cheating because this big volume involves all his plays? I hope not, it's one book after all.

I definitely couldn't live without Shakespeare.

I know and love many of his plays, but then again there are quite a few I haven't read yet. I believe I could gain some courage out of his words and in a way this book would help me survive the misadventure I'd find myself in.

by Harper Lee

If I'd be alone on the island, I could use an imaginable family to comfort me. The Finches would be my first choice without the shadow of a doubt.

by Madeline Miller

The Greek setting lives so vividly in my memory, I adored the descriptions of places in this beautiful novel. I think this book would help me see the positive aspects of being on a beautiful island.

by Mary Shelley

We all need a touch of gothic sometimes. I'm sure I would feel for the Creature even more, being abandoned on a desert island, being completely alone.

by Neil Gaiman

Just to have a fairy tale with me as well. Stardust is my favourite Gaiman book.

Books I haven't read yet:

by John Steinbeck

As I mentioned before I can't wait to read this novel. I enjoyed Of Mice and Men a lot and I have a thing for family sagas. I also love Steinbeck's writing style it's not dense at all, he is very easy to read.

by George R.R. Martin

Yes, I know it's not written yet. Maybe it never will be. However, the desert island situation is not real either so I'm allowed to say I'd take this book, right?

by George Eliot

Ever since I've read Daniel Deronda I want to read more from George Eliot. Her writing is extremely intelligent and she portrays the society of the time expertly.

by Andrew Motion

This book is HUGE. On the island I'd have all the time in the world to sit down and read it at last. Keats is my baby, he'll always be...

by Betty Smith

I heard wonderful things about this coming of age story. I feel like everyone has read it already and I'm missing out on something. I'd like to read this very soon so, probably I'd take it with me to the island.

That's it, Lovelies, 10 books altogether that I'd be happy to have with me if I were stranded on an island. I hope you enjoyed this post, please share with me what you'd pick in a similar siutiation!

Happy Reading!

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