18 Oct 2018

Book? Movie? Both - Books I'm planning to read because I'm excited to see their adaptations to screen

The Haunting of Hill House 
by Shirley Jackson

I've already ordered the book because I saw there is a new Netflix series out that is based on this spooky story. I planned to read this Shirley Jackson novel anyway (I loved We Have Always Lived in the Castle) and what would be a better time to plunge in than autumn? 

I'll try to keep away from the show until the book arrives but no promises...

My Cousin Rachel
by Daphne du Maurier

I confess I'm a bit afraid of going into My Cousin Rachel, as Rebecca was surprisingly a disappointment for me. For some time I wasn't even sure I'd like to give Daphne du Maurier another chance but the trailer of this 2017 movie caught my eye. The premise appeals to me a lot, so I'll definitely pick this up and soon. 

Mortal Engines
(The Hungry City Chronicles #1)
by Philip Reeve

Both David and me want to see the film that's coming out in December so I have to make some preparations. It looks steampunk-y, it's futuristic and I bet it's a story full of adventure.

Is there an adaptation you're eager to watch these days? 

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