4 Nov 2014

Review - Debutantes by Cora Harrison

Title: Debutantes

Author: Cora Harrison

Rating: 4/5 stars

My thoughts: This was such a heart-warming read! I’ve been meaning to read Debutantes since I first saw it on my friend’s bookshelf about three years ago. The summary on the back of the book seemed very intriguing at that time, because I was obsessed with Downton Abbey and Debutantes definitely has a DA vibe to it.

We are in 1923, specifically in the beginning of the ball season. This is the time when young female members of the aristocracy are introduced to the public, and thus many young girls are about to have immense fun in the capital. The Derrington daughters are not so fortunate. The family is as poor as a church mouse and so Violet, Daisy, Poppy and Rose cannot have much hope to conquer London and have a time of their lives. Or so it seems, until they get an invitation to a house party from Violet’s rich godmother, the duchess.

I liked the characters in this book very much. I wanted to know where the story leaves them in the end, especially Daisy because she seemed the most independent of all and her fascination with the film industry was an element I adored.

Daisy was the real protagonist, but Cora Harrison painted a vivid enough picture of all her sisters as well. Poppy and her jazz band, Violet with her dress-making talent and little Rose with her hunger for knowledge; they are all hard to forget.

I found the plot very witty. Even if at times you can see what’s coming, it doesn’t ruin the overall experience.

All in all it was a charming read and I recommend it to everyone, who enjoys the show Downton Abbey, likes Dodie Smith’s I Capture the Castle or simply is in love with the time period that this book is set in. (Oh, and look at that gorgeous cover!!)

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