About me

The insane person above would choose the last door. That's me, Ronnie, and yeah, entering Westeros might be suicidal, but there are dragons there, so...

I have an English teacher's degree and I love this language, because it is rich don't believe people who say otherwise, just nick a Tardis (sorry for the random Doctor Who reference) and go grab a beer with Shakespeare!

I am a bibliophile, surprise, surprise, so expect to drown in books on this site. Gorgeous, amazing, mind-blowing books.

At university I fell in love with British literature and so I try to read as many British classics as I can, but I pick up a good amount of historical fiction and YA books as well. I read a bit of every genre to be honest. So be prepared... to choose a door! Or many.

I love making new friends, so say hi to me if you feel like it!

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  1. Hey, Ronnie!

    It's lovely to meet you. Thank you so much for stopping by on my blog and following on Instagram! I'm also following you here and there.

    I look forward to getting to know you and your book choices. :)

    Take it easy, and have a great weekend!