5 Apr 2018

My trip to Oradea in pictures

Some of you requested to see the pictures I took during my stay in Oradea, Romania. This is me giving in, but let me forewarn you; I'm really bad at editing pictures so you'll see them in their original state here. Enjoy the realism and please don't be alarmed by my no-filter face :)

I went to Oradea with my family (parents and my younger brothers) on Friday, March 30th and we stayed until Monday, April 2nd. We rarely go on family trips together anymore, since 3 out of the 4 'children' in the family (including myself) are adults and we usually plan separate holidays for ourselves. Neither me nor my brothers have kids on our own yet but we have a kid brother who we love to spend time with. All of us really enjoyed this journey, since the city was beautiful and for two days we had nice weather too.

And now, the pictures:

A walk in the city centre:

(from left to right): the City Hall Tower, the State Theatre and the Church of St. Spirit:

The Black Eagle Palace:

I became part of the 20th century literary society of Oradea for a short moment:

(From left to right: Endre Ady, Gyula Juhász, Ákos Dutka and Tamás Emőd)

Endre Ady, the guy with the bow tie, is one of my favourite Hungarian poets.

My brothers on the Main Square, the Neolog Synagogue Zion and the Black Eagle Palace at night:

A story in pictures involving me and my little ray of sunshine:

The Good, the Bad and the Horror Bunny:

 So that's it, phew. A bunch of bad photos (I've just realised I photographed the majority of the buildings from a distance, jeez) that, despite their awkwardness, make me recall a ton of nice memores. 

I hope you enjoyed this short pic-sharing post.

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