21 Apr 2018

Weekend Wrap-up #6

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Hey there, Lovelies, here's what happened to me since my last wrap-up:

My mum's birthday was this week so I got her photos printed for her. She prefers photos on paper, she loves organizing them. Since we haven't had her pictures printed for some time, it was a long procedure to pick out the best ones and place the order for them. In the end we got 352 photos, the ones taken in Rome last year included.

I'm enjoying the sunshine a lot, suddenly it's summer and I can take long walks around the town. The blooming flowers are very pretty.

Reading has gone well too. We're getting closer to the end of the Red Queen read-along and I'm still on track, yay! I've picked up an urban fantasy this week too, The Last Sun by K. D. Edwards. It's pretty entertaining and it's full of strange creatures. 

Recent posts on the blog:

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Title: In Azgarth's Shadow

Author: Cassie Sweet

Publication Date: April 23th, 2018

Source: NetGalley


It seems like these days I come across many LGBTQ urban fantasies that I find appealing (The one I'm reading right now, The Last Sun, is the same genre). I'm excited for In Azgarth's Sahadow because there are fae in the story and also necromancy... They actually bring the MC back to life, wow!


Purchased ebook:

Title: The Women in the Walls  

Author: Amy Lukavics  

Publication Date: September 27th, 2016

Source: Amazon


I may have bad dreams after reading this and I'm sure I'll be afraid in the dark for some time like I was after watching Woman in Black in the theatre... but... it was a dollar and a half on amazon and I couldn't resist buying it. I read mixed reviews and I want to check the creep level out for myself. It's time to make my peace with evil spirits and haunted houses...

How was your week? Don't forget to leave your STS and Sunday post links below! I'm dying to know what's up with you, guys!

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