25 Feb 2018

Showtime #2 - Black Sails

In Showtime I feature TV shows that I'm currently watching, in the hope that I will find fellow fans among you or that I can turn you into a fan, so I'll have someone to talk to about my favourite shows, haha.

This is my second Showtime post, read the first about NBC's Timeless here.

Today the show I'd like to bring your attention to is:


Creators: Robert Levine, Jonathan E. Steinberg

Stars: Jessica Parker Kennedy, Toby Stephens, Hannah New ...


Yes, I'm heavily into pirates now, I won't deny it. I'm having a phase it seems.

Black Sails is on Netflix at the moment and I've been planning to watch it for some time. After my little brother lured me into watching The Pirates of the Caribbean with him for the umpteenth time the other week (just when I happened to be reading Pirate's Curse) I realised there was no reason to break the pattern, so I went with the flow and clicked on the first episode of Black Sails on Netflix. I couldn't stop after that.

The show is basically a Treasure Island prequel. I confess I didn't read the book as a child or as a teenager but of course there is no need to know it in order to understand the happenings in Black Sails (its story preceeds Treasure Island's plot after all).

I finished the first season the other day and proceeded with the second immediately. There are four seasons altogether, there won't be more unfortunately.

In season one Captain Flint and his crew are trying to track a Spanish treasure galleon that – once defeated could make all of them very rich. When they finally get hold of the shipping schedule that could lead them to the galleon and the money, it turns out a page is missing. They have to find the thief in order to be able to continue with their quest.

John Silver, young mischief-maker, who took the page off the original thief knows he's in trouble but if he has some skill at all, it is his aptitude for survival. He commits every detail on the page to memory and burns the piece of paper, thus he becomes indispensable for the pirates. The question is: can he convince Captain Flint it's worth to keep him alive after they've found the ship they're looking for?

Flint has problems of his own. He is not very popular among his crew at the moment, not to mention he has to solve a lot of problems related to the preparations for the treasure hunt. Nassau, the port that many pirates frequent to do business is a place presently overheated with politics and rivalry. Luckily, Eleanor Guthrie the woman in charge of all business transactions on the island is on his side.

Pirates are a savage lot, especially if they're after a great prize. After having seen season one, I say it's no wonder people often compare this show to Game of Thrones.

Why do I enjoy the show?

It's not solely set at sea
I often get bored with nautical stories in which the characters never see land. There are a limited number of tropes that can be used related to the ship and the sea (like illness, woman on board, sea battle, mutiny etc.). I've seen all of them, that's why I prefer if there is some action on land as well. I like the balance regarding this matter in Balck Sails

The costumes are gorgeous
The beauty is in the details; the accessories breathe life into the costumes. After all, what is a badass pirate without an earring? I'm madly in love with the coats too, and the men's V-necked long shirts, aww.
Captain Flint

He is grumpy all the time and he is the worse captain I've ever come across, I swear. No, really, he sucks at captaincy, big time :) Despite this fact he has to cling to his position to reach his goal and his journey is an interesting one. 

(By the way, did you know that Toby Stephens is the son of Dame Maggie Smith?? I've found this out only a short time ago and it was a great surprise. How did I not know this before?)

Cool women characters
Eleanor, Max and Anne Bonny are strong, fierce and beautiful women that fight for a meaningful place in a world of men. Respect.

These two

I usually roll with laughter whenever Jack is on screen. And then there's Anne. She is so raw and unapologetic, she doesn't give a damn. She always does what she wants. Way to go, girl!

The opening title sequence

The music, the aesthetics... I can't get enough of it!

Have you watched Black Sails? Or are you planning to? Don't be shy, drop me a few lines if you have any thoughts about this show :)

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