15 Mar 2018

Creating the atmosphere

Lately I've started burning candles while reading, mainly beacuse I realised I own so many and I never use them (most of them were gifts from friends). I'm obsessed with them now... Looking at the flame has a calming effect on me and some of them have scents that fill my room, creating a perfect atmosphere for reading and relaxing.

Above you can see some of the candles I own. The one in the middle changes its colour every minute, I think that might be my favourite.

I'd really like to own some bookish candles in the future, the ones you can buy on Etsy and have book or character-inspired scents.

I have my eye on the Red London and Jamaica scents in LiberdeStella's shop that were created based on A Darker Shade of Magic by V. E. Schwab and Voyager by Diana Gabaldon.

I'd also be really happy with PretAGeek's Lady Macbeth inspired scent or the one that smells like Mrs Weasley's cookies

There are so many awesome bookish candles out there and right now I want to own them all. I better start saving money I guess.

Do you ever burn candles while you read? Do you own any bookish candles?

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