14 Mar 2018

WWW Wednesday #8

Hey Friends! What a lovely Wednesday we have awoken to! 
I hope you're all having a wonderful day!

As you've probably noticed, I have a brand new banner up for which I added a fitting button too (see on the sidebar). My rating system changed as well, check out the delicious pinapples I'll use from now on under the 'Review Policy' option above!

With the banner the blog's whole theme changed, from angelic to Caribbean bliss I know, but I felt I needed to rethink the paradisian concept a little bit – we all need changes from time to time.

How do you like it? Do you prefer the new banner or should I change back to the old one? Your opinion matters!!

What am I up to these days reading-wise? My regular WWW post will answer this question:

WWW Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Taking on a World of Words

WWW stands for three questions:

What are you currently reading?

It's unlike me, but I'm currently reading three books at the same time. 

by Anita Diamant

As I mentioned before this is a biblical story told from the perspective of Dinah, daughter of Jacob. In the Bible she was raped and her brothers slaughtered a whole town to avange her tainted virtue. I have a feeling there will be a twist in this book compared to the original story, but I'm still in the beginning. We'll see... I love how the author describes the life of the women's community, there is a very strong bond between the females in this novel.
(Percy Jackson and the Olympians #1)
by Rick Riordan 

I'm reading this with my little brother (I purchased the book for his 10th birthday). He reads a few pages aloud, then I read a few. We did this before, with the Harry Potter series. He usually doesn't sit down with a book alone but he enjoys reading like this a lot. I love it too because it means I can spend quality time with him. He is a sweetheart.

(Sex and Sweet Tea #1)
by Juliette Poe

I heard about this series on Lexxie's blog, Unconventional Book Views. It consists of novellas that are set in Whynot, a small town in South Carolina. This first instalment follows Trixie and Ryland, two people who were a couple in the past but broke up because they couldn't agree on where to settle down. Rylan comes to visit Trixie to help her out with a legal case. I suspect soon the southern sunshine won't be the only thing that turns the air hot in Whynot.

What did you recently finish reading?

(Earthsinger Chronicles #1)
by L. Penelope

Since I was asked to join the blog tour of Song of Blood & Stone, my review will arrive closer to the publication date. All I'll say now is that it was a great adventure!

What do you think you'll read next?

I'll leave this blank here for now. I'll let my mood dictate when the time comes.

What are you in the middle of right now? What's next? Leave your link to your WWW post below, so I can visit your blog!

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