18 Mar 2018

Review - Ain't He Precious? (Sex and Sweet Tea #1) by Juliette Poe

Title: Ain't He Precious? (Sex and Sweet Tea #1)

Author: Juliette Poe


Welcome to Whynot, North Carolina, population 3,872. It has one stoplight, one bar, and the one-and-only Trixie Mancinkus.

Eleven years ago, Trixie graduated Harvard Law, turned down a job offer from one of the most prestigious law firms in Boston, and headed home to Whynot to open her own firm. Not only did she leave behind the big city, but she also left her boyfriend of three years. And just so we’re clear… that would be me.

So what am I doing in Whynot at this very moment? It seems Trixie needs help with a legal case and for some insane reason, she called on me for assistance. I’ve been in town for five minutes, and I’m every bit as out of place as I feel. Trixie is all sweet, southern curves to my tailored suits and high-priced haircuts. It’s a culture clash of north versus south and about the only thing we have in common is our physical attraction to each other.

But I have a new motto since coming to Whynot: When life hands you lemons, all you need is a little sex and sweet tea to make things better.

My Thoughts:

I swear to God I really wanted to like this novella but it lacked the charm with which I hoped it would sweep me off my feet.

Sure, there was southern family coziness, which was nice and the small town surroundings were described in a very attractive way but these things didn't really make up for what I felt missing regarding the romance side of the plot.

We have Ryland and Trixie who haven't met for eleven years. Before, they'd been in a serious relationship and planned a life together. They broke up because Trixie wanted to move back to Whynot while Ryland wanted to stay in Boston. After eleven years Trixie invites Ry to Whynot to help her with a legal case and things start to warm up between them.

The situation was a tiny bit unrealistic for me. I mean, they haven't talked for eleven years. Maybe it's just me but I would totally not call an ex I haven't talked to for ages to ask a favour of him, especially if the favour includes a long plane ride. I'd rather look for another solution, but then maybe Trixie didn't have another lawyer friend to turn to... Anyway, it was strange.

Once Ry arrives he finds Trixie standing on her desk in her office changing a light bulb and  what is the first thing he does? He checks out her ass, that's what. I was rolling my eyes at this part and at many others later when Trixie's physical appearance was emphasised over...well... any other qualities of hers. Probably right now you're wondering why I read romance if it bothers me. The answer: I've read romances before where I didn't come across this issue. 

The number of sex scenes was just right and they were well placed inside the novella, I just wish they hadn't talked during them (I like sex scenes being described, not littered with dialogue).

I could relate to the the problem Trixie and Ryland faced back then and now; that they wanted to settle down in different places, yet they wanted to stay together. It's a tough dilemma to solve and they both had to get their priorities straight before they could plan a life together.

The ending was a bit too convenient for me but all is well that ends well, right? I wish I could give Ain't He Precious a higher rating but this is the highest I can muster because of the issues I mentioned above.

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