5 Mar 2018

Goodreads Monday #8

Goodreads Monday is a weekly meme hosted by Lauren @ Lauren’s Page Turners. To participate, choose a random book from your TBR and show it off! Don’t forget to link back to Lauren’s Page Turners and link up to the inlinkz so others can see what you picked!

 The thing about me is, I am an enthusiastic admirer of Vincent Van Gogh. You could catch me staring at his paintings for hours at the National Gallery in London. It is truly magical to be in the presence of his works.

A few years ago I read a fictional recollection of his last days The Last Van Gogh by Alyson Richman that I unfortunately didn't like very much. When one day I saw the book below in a bookshop, I realised I'm might not yet ready to give up on fictional Van Gogh novels. I'm determined to own a copy of Let Me Tell You About a Man I Knew someday in the future, and hopefully I'll love it!

by Susan Fletcher


No one knows the name of 'the painter' who comes to the asylum in St Remy in the south of France, but they see his wild, red hair and news of his savaged ear soon circulates in the village and comes to the notice of the wife of the asylum's doctor. She feels herself drawn to him and learns that his presence is disturbing - and not just to her either. But back she goes - again and again. Until she is banned, but still she makes her way over the wall, through the garden to talk to this apparently mad and passionate man. And the consequences of her indiscretion, of what van Gogh comes to mean to her, of what it will do to her marriage, her life once she has touched danger and passion will have far reaching effects - both surprisingly catastrophic and tender.

Do you think you'd like this novel? What book did you feature in you Goodreads Monday post?

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