12 Apr 2020

Happy Easter! - Easter Readathon Update


I wish all of you a blessed holiday, I hope every one of you will find some joy in it even if we have to stay at home this time.

I've come with an update about my progress in the Easter Readathon that's hosted by Kate @ Reading Through Infinity

So far I've participated in one reading sprint per day on twitter,  which is funny because sometimes I feel like a tortoise among the others with my leisurely reading speed (I've read a lot about tortoises in My Family and Other Animals in the past two days, I just couldn't pass up on this simile, sorry...) 

I confess I cheated a bit because I didn't stick strictly to my TBR. I've read some of White Lotus by Libbie Hawker too and have finished that book during the readathon so I'll count that as part of my reading list (just to pretend I'm able to finish a book during a readathon, haha). 

I'm halfway through My Family and Other Animals by Gerald Durrell. It is extremely entertaining when the protagonist kid tells stories about the family, less so when he talks about his insects, so it only partly won my heart so far. 

I aim to finish this book by then end of Monday, we'll see how I fare.


What are you reading this weekend? 

Are you bothered we have to spend the holiday inside?

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